Judy Derock

Client Services

Judy’s passion lies in Finance and community, with a background of more than seven years in banking. She started in accounting and operations, and eventually moved into an investment-related role. She is now building her knowledge in finance and client administration through her new role as client services for John’s clients. 

Judy has earned her Bachelor of Commerce Degree as well as an Associate’s in Business Management. She joined our firm in May 2021 and is currently working towards her Canadian Securities Course (CSC®).

In her spare time, Judy loves to travel, hike, and go for bike rides with her friends and family.

Favourite car?


What is your favourite local restaurant?

Khazana’s & Captain’s Boil.

Languages you speak?

English & Tamil (oldest language in the world).

Best spot I've travelled to?

Paris, France

Dream Vacation Spot?

Venice, Italy

Favourite summer activities?

Enjoy bike riding and hiking with family & friends as well as driving to the mountains.