To simplify the lives of professionals and business owners by coordinating their unique financial needs.


Your needs are by no means simple, but we can reduce the confusion and complexity of your financial realities. For example, you may be faced with the dilemma of unlocking the equity in your business for retirement. We coordinate the process from start to finish. From valuation of your business to providing an income with invested proceeds, your peace of mind is our responsibility.


The coordination of your financial plan is twofold. First, we work with your accounting, tax, and business advisors to ensure personalized and optimal results. Secondly, we coordinate all aspects of your financial needs. We believe that to properly plan for retirement, with predictability and peace of mind, health and estate needs must also be considered. The intricate connections between these needs allow us to offer you individualized solutions.

Unique Financial Needs

We assist professionals and business owners with their specific financial issues, such as helping a retiring professional to choose the best pension option, or creating strategies for the business owner who needs to stay below the small business deduction limit. We use proven wealth, health, and estate strategies to turn corporate dollars into tax deferred personal dollars, by creating corporate expenses that are not taxable benefits to the employee (shareholder).