we believe

…a needs driven financial plan with a hierarchy of priorities is key.

  • Set goals, explore solutions, and take action.
  • Uncontrollable events, such as death, disability, and a personal health care crisis deserve attention before controllable events, such as retirement, and education planning.
  • Without a plan, you are subject to disruptive and potentially devastating outside influences. Limiting losses is more important than achieving over-performance. Follow a proven process such as our “Money Managed Simple” system to succeed financially.

…tax efficiency is a prime objective.

We have few opportunities to limit our level of taxation; any wealth, health, or estate strategy that limits tax is worthy of exploration.

…the client advisor relationship is a partnership.

Without empathy, understanding, and disclosure, our value to each other is limited. In our form of partnership, we alone are held accountable for your outcome and results.

…our clients deserve peace of mind.

For many, peace of mind means being confident of the future. Whether through being certain about business succession plans or that core values towards money are transferred to our children, we all find peace of mind in different ways.

…our clients prefer to preserve and grow their wealth the “old fashioned way” – patiently.

Being patient means clearly establishing investment guidelines for our asset allocation and diversification decisions and then measuring our results against predetermined benchmarks.

…our clients want their unique and sophisticated financial lives simplified.

Having your financial affairs summarized in a clear, concise and accountable manner provides you with confidence.