JAN 14 2015 – Bank of Canada Remarks on Oil

Here are a couple of recent articles that may be of interest to some. One set is from one of our Investment Counsellors, BCV Asset Management; they present a viewpoint that is informative and interesting. There is a good article on why they believe we are in a secular bull market and then a good introduction to what’s up with oil. For the very brave there is an excellent 13 page (all-be-it with lots of graphs) speech from the Bank of Canada yesterday on Oil. Why it’s where it is and where it’s headed (in their view of course).

The Blue Chip Report: http://www.blackburndavisfinancial.ca/wp-content/uploads/201501-The-Blue-Chip-Report1.pdf

Bank of Canada Remarks on Oil: http://www.blackburndavisfinancial.ca/wp-content/uploads/Bank-of-Canada-Remarks-on-Oil.pdf

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